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Friday, February 24, 2012



I have too many readings this semester...Professors say like " read from page # to page # (roughly 30+ pages) of the textbook, and also read an article on the blackboard (roughly 20 pages)." So, almost 40 or 50 pages are usually assigned for each class. That means I have to read 2 or 3 times of that amount...they are killing me.

By the way, you may know but the blackboard is where professors post study materials such as syllabus, articles, and other relating files, and students access the blackboard from anywhere they want and get the materials. They can access as long as there is the internet, so it's very useful.

I was reading an article, but my concentration has gone away. Then, I was taking pictures of anything around me and was kind of escaping from the reality. This picture is one of them. I extracted yellow pigment through the camera. What happened was that yellow became more brilliant, and the others became black and white. This is what I wanted.

This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago, but I just came up with uploading this picture because I am now working on......readings. Like at that time, since my concentration and motivation have gone somewhere, I am writing this blog.

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