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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunset along the Hudson River, New York

Sunset along Hudson River
~ Way to Get NYC ~
When I was going to New York City by car, I saw such a beautiful sun setting.
It was absolutely great.

I didn't do any setting to take this picture, but I did something like exposure setting? I don't know how what I did is called, but I just try to adjust the brightness.

It's great that there's a sense of perspective. It's cool.

I had long been thinking of taking such a picture. When I saw this sun, I immediately parked my car in the parking area that happened to be there, and I just started shooting pictures.

Usually, there would not be a parking area on such a local road, there was one. I think it's because of the landscapes; it's for people to shoot photographs.

I really enjoyed driving because all the landscapes I saw while driving were beautiful. At the same time, it was very dangerous that they dazzled my eyes. I couldn't concentrate on driving.

All in all, I happy for having such a good drive.

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