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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not Hateful Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam
with Beautiful Sunset

While driving to New York City, I got stuck in a traffic jam, and I took this picture. This was just after I took a picture of a beautiful sun.

What I wanted were...

Well, I didn't really care about the quality or positions of objects, but I just wanted cars behind me showing up on the room mirror and cars in front of me also showing up in the picture. That was enough for me. Because I was driving, and it would be dangerous to look at objects through the small window of the camera......because it was too close to the mirror if I used the window...So, I just shot a picture toward the direction which I just felt was good. Then, what picture could I take? This picture. Isn't it a quite good picture?

However, if there was a problem......the mirror and the back glass were very dirty...
I regret not cleaning them up so often. If I had cleaned up, I might have taken a better picture.

Wait, but, I don't usually clean up my car......
Well, I should...I mean I will clean it up more often......
Having said that, I don't think I will...

This is consequence of the picture.

I think the road is Highway 87 running from north to south on the east side of New York.
I don't know if it's called highway though

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