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Sunday, February 19, 2012

My First Blog

Grand Central Station
New York City
I made this blog because I got very interested in taking pictures recently and wanted to have a blog about photos.

Process from "Single-lens reflex camera? no way!" to "I love it."

"I like taking pictures."
"But I'm using a normal digital camera."
"I don't care what camera if its quality of photos is good."
"Why do I always buy Exilim?"
"Because the first camera I've got was Exilim, so I thought it's easy to use."
"But, my camera stopped working well..."
"Then, which one should I get for the next? Cheaper is better...I found one that is about $450."
"Wait, I'm in the US, so I think I can find cheaper but good one."
"Then, my friend suggested me to get single lens-reflex camera."
"I have never thought of having such a seem-to-be-very-difficult camera!"
"It's too big, and I don't find anything different..."
"But it's about $500...well..."
I started thinking about it seriously.
"Having lived in countryside of New York for 10 months...
I have never been to New York City."
I had a plan to go there.
"Yea, I'm gonna buy one!!"

Accordingly, what I got was Pentax K-r.

My friend advised me that this is friendly to beginners.

In conclusion, because I take many pictures, I wanna show them to somebody.
That's the origin of my blog.

There are many blogs of professional cameramen introducing their techniques, but these blogs are too difficult to understand!! (=my experience)
This blog is the photo blog that a beginner cameraman writes and that is easy to understand for everyone.

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