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Monday, March 12, 2012

Fisheye from My Room

Fisheye Lens
From My Room

I bought fisheye converter lens.

Something like this. Sorry, this is a link to Japanese website.
Mine is this:
Fisheye Converter

If you buy such converter lens, you can just put it on the lens that you are using and take a picture, in this case, fisheye.

I've read some reviews before buying it. The reviews say like:
- Low quality of picture
- Too heavy
- Too big
and so on. BUT, if you really care about the quality, don't buy a converter lens, but get a real fisheye lens!! This is my opinion. I THINK that the quality is not so bad...I don't even notice...It's still very good as you can see on the picture on the top.

I have never used a real fisheye lens though...

The day I took the picture was really nice, sunny, sunny, sunny. But I wanted more clouds so that I could take a better one, I think.

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