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Friday, March 2, 2012

Thanks to USB Cables

USB Cables

For three days, the internet was not working, so I couldn't upload any photo though I wanted to...
Having said that, I am sure there is no reader of my blog lol
Nobody cares...

The printer I am using is Pixma MG5220 of Canon, and it's nice that I can print out and scan without any cable as long as there is LAN.
However, it slows when the signal is weak. That's the weakness, but everything is great other than it.
My favorite printer.

Because it is very stressful that I cannot print out or scan when I really need to, I finally bought USB cables.
With the cable, I can always print out and scan anytime I want even if there is no LAN.

After I bought the cables, the internet never got weak or slow, but for these three days, it was really suck.

The cables worked well!! I could not print out if there were no cables.
Thanks, USB cables.

By the way, I'm saying 'cables' and there are two cables in the picture, but only one is needed for the printer. I bought two. One is for the printer.

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