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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Internship in Washington DC, 12th Day: Hot Frappuccino

Diary of the 12th day in Washington DC.
The picture is of my lunch of this day.

I joined a conference in the morning. It was supposed to start from 9:30, so I left home at around 8. I knew where but didn't know how long it would take, so I left home earlier. Bus driver did not ignore requested stop, so I could get off at the bus stop I wanted to arrive at. It's like only 3 blocks from the bus stop to the destination. I found a cafe that looked very nice on the way. The name of the cafe is Caribou Coffee. Great atmosphere. I got a cup of iced coffee, but it was not really good. Too much water in it. I didn't think it was coffee, but tea. I was thinking if it was really coffee or not for like 30 minutes, seriously. The coffee wasn't good, but there was a funny guy in the cafe.

There was a Latin guy who ordered frappuccino, and.....

Latin: Why isn't this hot?
Worker: Because it's Frappuccino.
Latin: I wanted hot frappuccino!
Worker: Frappuccino is cold.
Worker 2: Frappuccino is.....
Latin: Can you make it hot?
Worker 2: .....ok, microwave it.
Latin: Ok, thanks.

Well, do you know what frappuccino is? Is it hot? If you don't know what it is, you got a great opportunity this time!

Another worker came to explain what frappuccino is and what kind of beverage it is. However, the guy still wanted hot frappuccino. The worker requested microwaving the frappuccino. He agreed. Compromise.

Hot Frappuccino.

Other customers around him were smiling, but seemed like they were trying not to smile. That was funny, too. I was, of course, one of them.

After the cafe, I joined a conference whose topic was "Arms Racing in Asia?" It was a debate whether Arms Racing is happening in Asia or not. The total military spending in Asia is expected to exceed that of Europe this year. Since Japan and South Korea are not significantly increasing the expenditure, the main countries increasing military spending are China and India.

Then, I went to a deli which seemed to be managed by Korean people. I wanted rice!, so I was happy when I found this place. The name of the deli is To Market To Market. I don't know what it means.

I went back to the office and finished a report for the conference. My employer came and gave me a task. It is typing email addresses on 200 business cards. Wonderful...No! Just typing, typing, typing.... I heard people interning in companies do such things usually...is it for real?

Then, I went to a bar with Chris and got beer and wings. The beer was $3, and the wings costed only $4. Happy Hour makes us happy. After feeling very good in the bar, I went to attend a class. Usually, professor invites somebody to give a speech, but he didn't have anybody. So, we just talked something irrelevant for one hour, and we were done. Wasting time. I immediately got back home where living condition is getting worse and even worse.

Well, I didn't like my room since I moved in, but I thought I would get used to it and it'd be comfortable. I was wrong. If the bad condition remains the same level of badness, I could get used to it, but the condition has been getting worse. Very stressful.

  • Vending machine stopped giving change back even though it does not accept coins
  • Air conditioner works but does not cool
  • Refrigerator is there, but the inside is not cold
  • Kitchen is dirty and very far
  • Neighborhood is getting noisier
  • There is no grocery shop around the dorm
  • Too expensive, comparing to the quality

I tried to find good points.
  • Good location that takes me only 25 minutes to get the office
This is only one good point I can find. Sad. I am now looking for another room for the next month. I found one and sent an email. I hope I can move.

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